Proudly Presents.....
CJ Lyons
CJ Lyons has accomplished a great deal in a short amount of time.  Using her Pediatric Emergency
Medicine background, she has assisted on many cases with law enforcement.  She has traveled the
world and been a story teller her whole life.  We are very excited that she has decided to put her
tremendous skills on paper, for all of us to read!  Her first book
Lifelines has been out since March
Warning Signs is her latest book, on the shelves NOW!!  If you like fast paced thrillers, you
need to pick up CJ Lyons!
Fourth year medical student Amanda Mason is far from her small town origins in South Carolina’s Lowcountry.
But at Pittsburgh’s Angels of Mercy Medical Center she’s been able to find friends who have helped her through
the challenges of medical school. Until now.

Now she’s keeping a secret from everyone–and denying it to herself. But she can’t avoid reality much longer
when patients begin to die…from the same mysterious symptoms Amanda has been hiding from the world.

Amanda must race against time to discover the truth behind the mysterious illness that is killing patients–before
she becomes its next victim.
Growing up in LA, tough as nails ER doc Lydia Fiore thought she’d seen everything. When she arrives
in Pittsburgh, eager for her first shift as a newly fledged attending physician, she realizes how wrong she

During her first days at work, Lydia finds herself embroiled in the murder of a gay-rights activist,
targeted by a right-wing militia, stalked by an unknown assailant, and racing to stop a plot to ignite a race

At first Lydia yearns for the mean streets of L.A, but, with the help of her new colleagues and hunky
paramedic Trey Garrison, she overcomes her doubts and embraces her new life at Angels of Mercy’s

Written by a physician who has worked in some of the country’s busiest ER’s, CJ Lyons’ medical
suspense series gives readers a taste of life on the edge, reminding them that everyone needs a hero,
even doctors and nurses working to save lives.
Exclusive Interview with CJ Lyons
1.  What is your favorite all time book or author and why?

Wow!  This is a tough one—like asking a kid in a candy store to pick one piece!

I'm going to cheat (I'm not much for following rules!) and go with two.  Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes is a book I've returned to time and
again ever since I was a kid.  It's a lyrical, beautifully written, evocative, compelling tale of good and evil.

Another book that I've read over and over is Mark Helprin's Winter's Tale.  He writes like an angel, transporting you to a world of possibilities.  It was my first
experience with magical realism and I fell in love with it!

2.  If you could meet one person, alive or dead, who would it be?

Other than Oprah or George Clooney?  It used to be Freya Stark (the female Lawrence of Arabia) but now it's Barrack Obama—I'd love to talk to him about the
realities of medicine on the front lines in America.

3.  Is there one wild ER story that you can relate to us?

Most of them are rated R, but I could tell you about one of my two hard landings in the helicopter.  What's a hard landing? It's what the pilots call "an unexpected
arrival on the ground that everyone walks away from."

We'd headed out from Pittsburgh to a small rural hospital to pick up a child with meningitis.  Critically ill, he needed to get to our ICU asap.  Only problem?  A
winter storm was moving in.  Fast.

My pilots (I loved the pilots I flew with—aeronautic geniuses all of them!) cleared us to fly as long as we left the rural hospital when they said so—no arguing.  So
we get there and the pilot tells us we have five minutes to package the patient, "load and go."

We hustle and make it in time, take off, my nurse and I working on our patient, when suddenly I realize we're dropping.  Fast.  

I knew we weren't anywhere near Pittsburgh yet, and when we land we're tilted at an angle.  I look up to see the co-pilot hopping out of the cockpit and realize that
I can't see past him because the windshield is totally iced over.  The two pilots scrap the ice from the windows and the blades and suddenly I can see again—only
to realize we're in a cow field and came close to landing right on top of a bunch of cows lying in the snow!

They hopped back in, we took off, and made it make to Pittsburgh—all souls on board safe and sound!

4.  You have travelled and seen various parts of the world. What was your favorite destination? Where would you like to go that you haven’t been?

Seems like my favorite destination is always the next place where I haven't been yet!  Right now New Zealand is topping my list—and of course, going that far, I'll
just have to stop back in Australia as well.

5.  If you could go back in time and solve any mystery, what would it be?

I've always been fascinated by ghost stories, in fact several of my relatives have seen ghosts.  Makes me feel a bit left out that I haven't yet!  I'd love to know the
truth of what happens to our spirits after we die—all that energy, it has to go somewhere or be re-created somehow, so where does it go?  What happens next?

6.  What is the biggest highlight in your writing career so far?

Becoming a National Bestseller was great, but getting fan mail is a fantastic rush!  I've heard from firefighters, nurses, doctors, police officers, paramedics, praising
my writing for its authenticity.  

But even better are the letters from people who have turned to my books and found comfort and inspiration.  I've heard from a few cancer patients who said
reading LIFELINES got them through painful nights—what a tremendous compliment!  Reading their letters made me cry and reminded me why I became a

7.  Do you have any hobbies or special interests?

I used to—now, I have less time than ever.  I still find time to hike and travel, only now those trips are often combined with research trips or book promotion.  
I'm also doing a lot of teaching—giving workshops and keynote speeches and master classes all over the country.

Luckily, teaching is a huge part of being a pediatrician and I love it, so it's been a thrill to be able to use those skills and share what little I know about writing as
Our review for Warning Signs:

CJ Lyons presents a powerful and dramatic look into the frenzied world of emergency medicine with her latest
addition to the Pittsburgh’s Angels of Mercy Medical Center series, Warning Signs.  With circling story-lines,
fourth year medical student, Amanda Mason and her co-workers focus on attempting to find the correct
diagnosis for mysterious symptoms as Amanda begins to suffer from the same.  In juggling the pressure of their
profession, personal relationships and ailments, Lyons’ characters are dynamic and genuine.  Readers need only
shut their eyes to imagine this group on the big screen.