Interview with Alan Jacobson

Interview with Alan Jacobson

Interview with Alan Jacobson


Interview with Alan Jacobson

We are very pleased to bring back bestselling author Alan Jacobson, as he talks his latest book “Red Death,” the eighth book in the Karen Vail series.

My debut novel, False Accusations, was a product of what I’d learned in that blood spatter class. It was a national bestseller and was ultimately published in several foreign countries. My follow-up novel, The Hunted, likewise a bestseller and published in several foreign countries, met with rave reviews from critics, booksellers, and readers. It introduced the characters of FBI Director Douglas Knox and covert government operative Hector DeSantos, who would return in a future novel

“Red Death”: In Hawaii, FBI agent Karen Vail pursues a killer without a profile, in this thriller by the USA Today–bestselling author of The Darkness of Evil.

When Det. Adam Russell of the Honolulu PD encounters the body of a woman in her sixties—the second in recent days to inexplicably die of what seem like natural causes—he reaches out to Karen Vail, the renowned FBI profiler, who hops on the next plane.

But even for someone as fluent in the language of murder as Vail, this case is hard to read. How were these women asphyxiated with no signs of trauma? How can she gather clues or collect evidence when the killer seems to strike during the briefest casual encounters? Is this the behavior of a male or a female perpetrator? And perhaps most terrifying of all, if the deaths appear so natural at first glance, how many victims have already been overlooked?

Now, as something cold and dark lurks under the sunny warmth of this island paradise, Vail must stop a serial killer as elusive as the breeze . . .

Interview with Alan Jacobson

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