Review “The Second Mother” – Jenny Milchman

the second mother jenny milchman

the second mother jenny milchman


By Jenny Milchman

Review “The Second Mother” – Jenny Milchman

With prose so lyrical, you can almost hear music as you read them, Jenny Milchman has written a hard-hitting psychological thriller that is Hitchcockian in its style. As you begin to read “The Second Mother,” you can almost hear Rod Serling say, “Welcome to the Twilight Zone.”

In “The Second Mother,” we find Julie Mason (Weathers) broken and grasping for mere existence. She is guilt-ridden over the loss of her baby girl. A death for which she feels responsible. A death unforeseen. A memory she copes with and dulls with the help from a bottle of scotch.

In a moment of clarity, Julie decides the only way she can stop her downward spiral is to leave the small mountain town of Wedneskyull where she grew up and where everyone is like family. Julie finds a teaching position on Mercy, a small island off the coast of Maine. Julie hopes a new location with new people will help her heal.

From the first page to the last, it seems Julie cannot catch a break. For every step forward, she stumbles two steps backward. From deception and lying, to people who are not as they appear, Julie finds that life on Mercy is no different from life in her hometown. It is a small community run by a powerful and power-hungry family. For Julie to help those on Mercy that may be even more broken than she is, she must face her past before she can deal with her present, and hopefully propel herself into a better future.

Jenny Milchman has written a tension-filled, provocative, nail-biting thriller that will have your heart pounding and your hands shaking as you frantically turn page after page, thirsting for more.

The idiom, “the end justifies the means” has never been more prevalent than it is in “The Second Mother.”

Somewhere in the heavens, Alfred Hitchcock and Rod Serling are looking down and smiling at Jenny Milchman.

Review “The Second Mother” – Jenny Milchman

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