Review “The Sea of Lost Girls” by Carol Goodman

sea of lost girls carol goodman

sea of lost girls carol goodman


By Carol Goodman

Review “The Sea of Lost Girls” by Carol Goodman

Tess Henshaw’s phone rings at 2:50 AM. She answers too late and sees a text from her son, Rudy. She texts back, a casual question about the trouble she’s sure her son is in. Eleven minutes pass before he answers.

When she picks him up, there is blood on his sweatshirt. Later she learns his girlfriend, Lisa Zeller, is dead.

Tess and her husband, Harmon, are teachers at The Haywood School, a former refuge for girls rife with tales of those who’d vanished over the years. Were they disturbed teens who’d run away from their lives, or was there something more sinister at play? After years of ghost stories and missing girls, now another girl is dead.

It seems Tess’s life mirrors the school play of The Crucible—girls making accusations that no one believes. And haven’t the men at the school always thought complaints were just hysterics?

Will Tess discover the key to why girls at Haywood disappear, and will she be able to save her son in the process?

In her usual style, Goodman uses fairy tales and myths to tell her stories and combines the tales and lessons of The Scarlet Letter and The Crucible in this modern narration of greed, power, and the need to control.

“The Sea of Lost Girls” will have readers considering how shame prevents the revelation of truth, and how some buried secrets must be unearthed for a soul to survive.

Review “The Sea of Lost Girls” by Carol Goodman

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