Review “Little Secrets” – Jennifer Hillier

little secrets jennifer hillier

little secrets jennifer hillier


By Jennifer Hillier

Review “Little Secrets” – Jennifer Hillier

Marin Machado has it all; a doting husband, a career she loves, and a son who is her entire world. However, everything good in her life comes to a screeching halt in the four seconds it takes for her to turn away from her four-year-old son, Sebastian, in a busy shopping center just a few days before Christmas, only to find him no longer there when she turns back.

Fast forward sixteen months later and Sebastian is still missing. Marin and Derek couldn’t be further from the couple that they once were, and Marin battles suicidal thoughts on a daily basis. Sometimes the only thing keeping her from committing the act is the daily, “you alive?” text from her best friend, and former boyfriend, Sal.

The investigation into her son’s disappearance is basically non-existent at this point, and the only thing keeping Marin’s head above water is the reminder that the private investigator she hired, Vanessa Castro, is still looking for him. Marin has made Vanessa promise to share everything she finds, no matter how insignificant to her son’s case. But when what she uncovers is Derek’s relationship with a younger woman, Mackenzie Li, Marin channels all of the sadness and grief she’s been feeling into something much more dangerous…rage.

After getting drunk and agreeing to meet Julian, a man her ex-con best friend Sal calls “a fixer,” Marin finds herself wiring two-hundred and fifty-thousand dollars into a charity account to have her problem, Mackenzie, “taken care of.”

“Little Secrets” is the first book by Jennifer Hillier that I’ve read, and I can honestly say that it won’t be the last. She managed to weave together one of the most twisted, in a good way, and intricate story lines I’ve read in a long time. She also deals with tough subjects in a way that make you truly feel things for the characters, as if you’re going through their struggles right along with them. This book belongs at the top of your must-read list.

Review “Little Secrets” – Jennifer Hillier

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