Review “The Stranger Inside” by Lisa Unger

the stranger inside lisa unger

the stranger inside lisa unger

Review “THE STRANGER INSIDE” By Lisa Unger

“Own your feelings. Speak your mind. Know your boundaries. Protect them.”

That’s exactly what twelve-year-old Lara Winter did when she and her friend Tess walked through the woods, right into the hands of a psychotic man and his vicious German Shepherd. Their friend Hank tried to protect them, but his small body couldn’t do much damage. Lara was the only one to escape. She hid in the hollow of a tree as she watched Eugene Kreskey drag her friends away.

Now years later, Lara Winter, who changed her name to Rain, has a wonderful husband and a beautiful thirteen-month-old daughter. To concentrate on her family, she put her job as an investigative reporter and producer for National News Radio on hold.

But when someone murders Steve Markham—a local man who was acquitted of killing his pregnant wife—a year after his trial, her investigative instincts take control.

Rain had followed her father’s advice to lock the day of the kidnapping in a box down deep inside her and never open it. But now, terror and rage demand to be heard.

When Rain and co-reporter Gillian investigate who killed Markham, it becomes clear the same person is also responsible for the murders of a serial killer—The Boston Boogeyman—and Eugene Kreskey. All three were killed after being acquitted of their crimes, and all died the same way their victims had.

Bad people win all the time, but what about justice?

Rain will unravel the mystery of the revenge killings, but can she keep her own dark secrets safe in the process?

Written in chapters alternating between Rain’s point of view and that of a revenge killer, this psychological thriller catapults readers into the battle between good and evil, and right and wrong. We’re left with the question: How far would we go to exact justice?

Review “The Stranger Inside” by Lisa Unger

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