Review “The Night Window” by Dean Koontz


By Dean Koontz 

It is no wonder that every time a Koontz book appears in this world that I, as well as millions of other fans across the globe, go positively crazy over it.  

The Jane Hawk series continues with this 5th book and it is one of the most heart-pounding of them all. For those who have not witnessed the first four books, I suggest you do it now, because you do not want to miss one second of this incredible journey. 

Jane’s ultimate quest is to bring to light, and then take down, the powerful men behind a secret operation that’s destroying lives. Quite literally, these people are using a new technology to control all of society by altering the minds of citizens. They are turning people into robots; programming them to do unspeakable things.  

This began as a personal quest when Jane lost her husband to this sick way of “thinking” and she had to hide her son and go on the hunt. This time out, however, the bearers of evil are coming too close to her child and Jane must find a way to stop them. Although she may have just been a sole operator at the beginning, others have come out of the woodwork to offer their help. Problem is, some of these mind-altered people are now going violently out of control, leading up to a climactic battle between good versus evil. 

Walking this path with Jane has made readers see just what a complex character she is and how her dedication and love for her family has driven her to continue. Riveting, provocative, mind-blowing, exciting…pick your favorite adjective and insert it here. Koontz has always been a mastermind at writing, but with Jane he has gone to a new height, creating a female hero who has most definitely found her place in history. 

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