Review “The Diva Sweetens The Pie” by Krista Davis


By Krista Davis 

Sophie Winston is known all over Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, for the ease in which she can whip up a meal guaranteed to please even the pickiest of palates. She’s also the obvious choice to oversee Alexandria’s annual Pie Festival, and the competition for this year’s event is fiercer than ever. The drama surrounding the contest really rachets up when celebrity judge Patsy Lee Presley (no relation to Elvis), arrives. Patsy Lee is the host of television’s most popular cooking show, and got her start in the business in a local restaurant. As the pies begin baking, and the weather gets hotter, it becomes clear to Sophie that not everyone in Old Town is happy to have Patsy Lee back home. The morning of the contest, Patsy Lee really becomes the center of attention when she collapses and dies. It’s clearly murder—in this case, caffeine poisoning—and the suspect list includes several people who are close friends of Sophie’s. 

The Pie Festival goes on and people come out in droves to pay homage to the late celebrity. Stories also begin to circulate about Patsy Lee’s meteoric rise to domestic stardom and the way she treated people at the beginning of her career. The pool of suspects widens to include Patsy Lee’s jilted ex-husband, a resentful ex-mentor, and a former best friend, just to name a few, each person with their own reason to want Patsy Lee dead. As Sophie begins to ask questions about Patsy Lee’s early life in Old Town, she realizes that this murder may have ties to another local murder several years before.             

“The Diva Sweetens the Pie” is the twelfth in the Domestic Diva mystery series penned by Krista Davis, and all the characters readers love are back and in top form, including Sophie’s ex-husband, Mars, and arbiter (in her mind) of all things that are in good taste, Natasha. It’s another delicious mystery, and I loved it!  

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