Review “Strong As Steel” by Jon Land


By Jon Land 

How do you spell Jon Land? A question to be answered later. 

Land does not just exceed genre expectations with “Strong as Steel,” he defies genre limits. It would be an injustice to call this a crime novel, a police procedural, or even a thriller because it’s much more.  

In the 10th novel in the Caitlin Strong series, we find fifth generation Texas Ranger, Caitlin Strong, up against something much greater than she has ever dealt with. She not only has to fight against the evil in front of her, but also the evil that confronted her father, Texas Ranger Jim Strong, twenty-five years prior. And like her father, she finds that good and evil are not black and white. 

In “Strong as Steel,” Land blurs the lines between the supernatural and natural, faith and science, friend and foe, and between family and…family. He takes the reader on a journey, and not just one of a horrific crime and its possible outcome, but also on a journey of discovery. Just like in our real lives, readers will have to decide just how blurred the aforementioned lines are and how to straddle them. 

Through the characters of Caitlin Strong and her closest friends and colleagues, Cort Wesley Masters, Guillermo Paz, Jones, and Captain D.W. Tepper, we will be taken on a juggernaut where our own ideas of faith, science, family, and the supernatural will be tested. But in the end, we’ll have a clearer understanding of all the above. 

I’m in awe of Land’s ability to take separate threads of a story—separated by decades—and bring them together in mind-blowing clarity. I’m like a kid at a county fair, full of excitement and adrenaline, when I get to open and devour the next Caitlin Strong novel.  

Whether you are already a fan or a new reader, get ready to sink your teeth into what just might be the best novel of 2019. So…how do you spell Jon Land? Provocative. Brilliant. Fearless!  

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