Review “Rag and Bone” by Joe Clifford


By Joe Clifford 


This is the 5th book in the incredible Jay Porter series, and the vibrant tales keep getting even more exciting as the series moves along. 

After being framed for murdering an associate, Jay Porter took his handyman gear and spent ten months on the run. He used this time to look for a hard drive that had data to prove that his long-term nemeses, Adam and Michael Lombardi, were law-breakers who should be thrown in jail for life. Unfortunately, he has yet to find the proof he needs, and has now returned to his hometown of Ashton, New Hampshire.  

In essence, he’s given up. Without the hard drive he has no hope of being left alone and proving his innocence. Also painful is the fact that he hasn’t spoken to his son in almost a year, which is breaking his heart even more.  

Jay has nothing left. What he does is take a charity assignment from his old friend and lover, Alison Rodgers. He stumbles across the fact that the fire at Alison’s former rehab farm was most likely started by the evil Lombardis a while back in order to force Alison to sell. This is a new light; a new hope. If Jay can prove that the Lombardis did this, he will be able to finally put the scum away and perhaps get a chance to right his own life in the process. But since he’s on the wrong side of the law at the moment, Jay must take the mantle of power in his own hands and do all he can to see that justice is finally done. 

This has been an incredible series since book one, and the locations, characters, adventure, and excitement look like they will last through more books to come. (Fingers crossed!) 

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