Q&A with Christie K. Kelly “The Six Gifts Part I: Secrets”

Q&A with Christie K. Kelly

Author of The Six Gifts Part I: Secrets


Question: Who is The Six Gifts reader? Who are you writing for?

Christie K. Kelly: This book is for people who enjoy reading about family, personal struggles and facing their pasts. Each book has an underlying theme. Part I is healing, II is forgiveness, III is courage, IV is perseverance, and V is hope. I write for anyone who is interested in family history and how our ancestors may have played a part in shaping the lives we lead today. There are flashbacks of the protagonist’s childhood in every book. There are also flashbacks of relevant ancestors dating from the 1600s to the 1900s.

I also think anyone who has an interest in botanical healing will enjoy this book. And those who believe that the universe provides signs that are meant to guide us through our lives and believe our destinies may even be predetermined. These are themes heavily used throughout the series.


Question: Is there an autobiographical element to the series?

CKK: This fictional series is woven from true life events. Though it expands into a universe we can only imagine, who’s to say what can happen and what can’t?

It’s different from many books in the magical realism genre because it developed from an organic place with no preconceived notions or influence, other than that of my own experiences.


Question: What do you hope readers take away from The Six Gifts?

CKK: That our intuition can be our best guide and we should all learn how to listen to and use it.

I hope readers open up to the idea that our fate is predestined and that we’re each part of a grander scheme. I’d like the reader to connect with Olivia and her urgent mission to identify her purpose for being alive because I think many people are searching for their purpose.

I want readers to understand that all generations learn through the passing down of wisdom from elders or forebears, and we need to better respect those figures and those stories in our society.

I hope that Olivia’s story of facing her past inspires others to do the same.

And finally, I want to communicate that nature provides everything we need to eat and heal ourselves, and that we overuse chemicals in our society. I’d like the reader to learn about healing from Mrs. Capricci, and possibly adapt to reducing their chemical usage and pursuing natural remedies and clean food in their own lives.


Christie K. Kelly was born and raised in Colorado, where much of the story of The Six Gifts Series takes place. She has a degree in accounting and devoted most of her career to that field. In 2001, she turned her attention to the family business for which she is still a trusted advisor and Controller.

Kelly is also a creative: a painter, a writer and the creative director for her company’s marketing department. Mostly she is a seeker, and a kindred spirit to anyone who asks ‘why?’

Connect with Kelly at ChristieKKelly.com, Facebook.com/christiekkelly/, and Instagram.com/christiekkelly/.

The Six Gifts Part I: Secrets will be released in April 2019, and available wherever books are sold.

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