“The Crooked Staircase” by Dean Koontz


By Dean Koontz

I’m not sure what planet one has to be living on to not already be a fan of the Jane Hawk series. Because now, following two amazing predecessors, readers will find themselves stunned once again.

Sara is on her way home. This is a woman who lost almost everything she had built for herself at the hands of a hideous man. What he left her with was lies, wounds that will never heal, and fear. When she enters her new home that fear grows exponentially because Jane Hawk is sitting at her table.

Jane has done the voodoo she does so well and awaits Sara. Not to hurt her, just to get her help. Jane needs to know everything Sara can tell her about the ex. Jane shares information Sara didn’t know, and Sara does the same, including how she was tortured by said ex and wants nothing more than to see him go down in flames. A plan is set.

Jane is getting closer to the group known as Techno Arcadians; people who are slowly taking over the world by using a serum to turn normal peoples’ minds into those of robots. Robots who will do anything they say, such as kill people like they killed Jane’s beloved husband. Jane needs as much evidence as possible to get these powerful people behind bars and stop the sick utopia they’re intent on building. Scared for her son who is in hiding, Jane is also a fugitive fraudulently indicted on various charges created by these Acadians.

Let us just say Jane gets the path she seeks, ends up utilizing something she despises, finds her son in peril, and uncovers a “crooked staircase” that, unfortunately, is not a figment of imagination.

There is so much to say… All that can be said, however, is: to readers, THIS is a series you don’t want to miss. And to Mr. Koontz, “This is outstanding! I need more Hawk ASAP!”

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