“Her Last Day” by T.R. Ragan


By T.R. Ragan

This author’s main characters are as different as different can be when it comes to the team of Jessie Cole, Private Investigator, and Ben Morrison, whose job is to uncover facts and then report them to the world in his role as an investigative journalist. The one thing these people do have in common is the fact that they have had to deal with their own personal nightmares.

Jessie is a pro when it comes to finding missing persons, except when it comes to the disappearance of her own sister. Sophie vanished and left behind her daughter for Jessie to raise.     Ben’s nightmare came in the form of a car accident. Wounds heal, but Ben also came away from his accident with a case of amnesia. The one thing he does remember is Sophie, but he can find no reason as to why that would be. He meets up with Jessie when he goes to her about doing a series of articles that would focus on Sophie and try to renew the search for the woman. Jessie is certainly happy about this because perhaps they can stumble over something that the initial investigators missed.

Jessie has a full plate, however. Not only is the Sophie case a true obsession, but she is also facing criminal charges and jail time for shooting a stalker, while also dealing with her own romantic heartbreak when a former lover and police detective shows up in her life once again and rejects her outright.

Add to all this the fact that a brutal killer who has eluded police over the past six years, taking away 13 lives in the process, has now reappeared in Sacramento—dubbed “The Heartless Killer”—and you have a story that is non-stop action, with secrets and danger waiting around every corner. T.R. Ragan has already proved to be a fantastic writer, and each new title never fails to intrigue readers.

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