“The Four Legendary Kingdoms” by Matthew Reilly


By Matthew Reilly

For those who are unaware, Jack West, Jr.’s father was a ruthless colonel nicknamed “Wolf,” who had encouraged Jack to join the U.S. Army. Instead, he decided to join the Australian Armed Forces where he proved to be a top-rate soldier and quickly moved up in the ranks to become a part of the Special Air Service Regiment. There, he went on to become an even stronger soldier than this father.

Archaeology was always his passion, which led to the Australian Army allowing him to attend Trinity College in Dublin where he became friends with Professor Maximilian T. Epper (AKA: Wizard) who he now works with.

This time around, Jack West, Jr. is enjoying a happy phase in his life. Living with his family on a remote farm has him loving the days. That is, until Jack is brutally knocked out and kidnapped. He wakes up to find himself being held prisoner in an underground cell, with a man in a mask racing towards him with a knife in his hand. Perhaps something he has done in the past has caught up with him. Maybe he even made an enemy while he was working on some of his perilous projects, who had now come to take him out. But what he soon finds is that he is one of the participants chosen to compete in a series of deadly challenges.

Jack is not the only elite soldier being held here. There are a dozen in total that must get through these challenges designed to fulfill an ancient ritual that has the fate of the entire planet hanging in the balance.

From super-cool mazes to horribly violent assassins, Jack must discover and unseat the powerful group that is behind this entire thing…the four legendary kingdoms.

This is fantastic. Once again, Reilly knocks it out of the park!

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