“Sunday Silence” by Nicci French


By Nicci French

When we last met up with Frieda, she was sitting in her home looking at a ghastly sight under her floorboards. Not only that, but she had been battling to help a woman in an insane asylum. A gifted psychologist, she’s friends with the police. But even though Chief Inspector Karlsson and Detective Constable Yvette Long have been a part of her world, they must step away from her case. Taking over is Chief Inspector Petra Burge. Although a great cop, she’s also a strong woman, a stranger to Frieda, and doesn’t have the faith (yet) in Frieda that Karlsson and Long have.

Frieda has claimed that Dean Reeve, a serial abductor and murderer, did not kill himself seven years ago. She has been trying to convince others that he is very much alive, stalking her and murdering others. Because of this recent crime, Frieda is finally exonerated and people “at the top” will be losing their jobs for not believing her in the first place.

When those close to Frieda begin to be abducted, Frieda figures out that Reeve is not responsible for all of it. Someone, a copycat, is stirring up even more pain. The culmination of what occurs is frightening; the shocks, secrets and twists during this game are amazing. However, fans of Nicci French and their character will ask for one thing after reading this book: more.

A series that began as a week, starting on “Blue Monday,” has reached its final day. But is this tale wrapped up with a nice little bow? Nothing like that can be revealed here. All that can be said is that “Sunday” was just as exciting as the rest of the week, and Frieda will be sorely missed if she vanishes from the scene. This is one series that should not end. Yes, the days have run out, but the incredible husband/wife team can always use months of the year. Suspense does not get better than this.

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