“The Jekyll Revelation” by Robert Masello


By Robert Masello

Few and far between, there are books written that you get so engrossed in that the hands on the clock sitting next to your bedside could turn a full 12 hours and you wouldn’t notice. (Until, the alarm rang and you had to go to work.) They’re rare, yes. But this is one of them!

We start our journey looking at a letter, or perhaps the beginning of a journal written in November of 1894, by Robert Louis Stevenson to one W.E. Henley, telling him about some horrible thing that’s about to happen.

In the present day, there is an environmentalist named Rafe who stumbles across a trunk holding this journal, along with a bottle of potion that should stay buried.

And there we have it: a story that has two paths, Rafe and the well-known Stevenson whose journey may have included dealing with a villain of monumental proportions. Yes, Jack the Ripper is back.

Robert Louis Stevenson is a man on the hunt to find, if not a cure, at least something that would help him, seeing as that he’s been suffering from bad health since he was a small child. He has moved to Samoa for health reasons and has just learned that a native woman has been killed in the same way that Jack the Ripper’s victims were. At this time, Stevenson fears that the killings he thought were over have simply been halted in England. And that the Whitechapel beast has traveled across the world to begin killing again. A beast that may just have a hand in Stevenson’s well-known creation “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”

Masello has done an incredible job showing you what inspired Jekyll and Hyde, and what horror made London’s most infamous slayer of all time sit up and take notice. Enjoy! This is one you will want to read over and over again, no matter what time of day or night it happens to be.

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