“Home” by Harlan Coben


By Harlan Coben

Talk about a Happy Holiday wish come true: a new book by magnificent author, Harlan Coben! And, boys and girls, you are going to love this plot.

It’s been ten years since two boys vanished without a trace. One of the boys, Rhys Baldwin, is a relative of Windsor ‘Win’ Lockwood III, who happens to be Myron Bolitar’s best friend. If fans do not remember Myron, he is the ex-basketball player who, because of an accident on the court, became a sports agent, detective, and all around good guy who just happens to be Win’s friend.

Due to an anonymous tip, Win goes in hot pursuit to London to look for one of the boys who has supposedly shown up on the streets there. Win makes a telephone call to Myron, who he has not seen in over a year, and his old friend and back-up is on the way.

Myron has just proposed marriage to his girl and they have put their engagement on hold so Myron can meet up with Win and help him out. Win has found one of the missing boys, but not the relative. Instead, he is on the trail of the other boy in question who went missing that day: Patrick Moore.

When Win and Myron meet up, their inquiries take the men to a real piece of work that people refer to as Fat Gandhi, who says he has the boys and demands lots of money for their return. Kidnapping, scam artists, crimes not yet uncovered—what began as a missing persons case has now turned into a far greater mess to unravel.

Coben writes so perfectly that he can draw the attention away, distract readers whenever he feels like it to slip something in that you’ll never know or even think is coming straight at you. When you’ve “got it all figured out,” you most definitely do not. As always, you cannot put this one down until all the secrets have been unveiled.

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