“Wedding Bell Blues” by Ruth Moose


By Ruth Moose

Beth McKenzie, who was a citizen of Littleboro, North Carolina, has returned to renovate and repair her family home and open it to the public as the “Dixie Dew Bed and Breakfast.” Her old high school beau, Scott, and her right-hand woman, Ida Plum, are helping her keep the place on track, but it’s a battle to continue the restoration and keep a business going at the same time.

One afternoon Beth receives a call from Crazy Reba, the town’s homeless and mentally challenged woman, with the news that she has killed God. Going to see what the woman is talking about, Beth discovers Reba trying to revive a man that doesn’t have a mark on him. Calling Police Chief Ossie DelGardo to the scene, Beth and the chief have a bit of tension between them. They’ve come up against each other previously when Beth found herself involved in another earlier murder case. There’s no love lost between the two.

According to most people in town, Reba is soon to marry and is walking around with a huge, fake diamond ring on her finger. As she’s loaded into a squad car on her way to jail, Beth, being just a little nosy, finds a motel key next to Reba’s cell phone and goes to investigate. She finds that the room was used—not by the scrawny guy or Reba, but by a trucker for General Overnight Delivery (AKA: G.O.D.).

Beth continues to snoop, although her list of worries is long. She’s supposed to be catering the sheriff’s wedding and helping out with the Green Bean Festival, while also looking for a rabbit named Robert Redford who has decided to go off on his own. Then, to top it all off, murder commences once again when one of the festival judges dies at Beth’s very own B&B.

Did you get all that? The action, the fun, the characters, the plots—everything about this book makes it an unforgettable read.

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