“The Trespasser” by Tana French


By Tana French

The members of the Murder Squad in the Dublin Police Department are as hard-hitting as you might expect, but there’s one focused on in this tale who may just be more hard-hitting than the rest. Meet the only woman on the squad: Antoinette Conway. And let’s just say she’s not very popular with her coworkers. In fact, she is very disliked by one and all.

Her partner, Steve Moran, seems to be the only one who has good feelings for Antoinette and is actually happy they’re partners in the squad. He doesn’t have to be at the end of Antoinette’s unpleasant behavior a great deal, and her snarls are usually not aimed in his direction.

Faced with a new murder case, Antoinette refers to the victim as a good looking blonde woman: AKA: “a dead Barbie.” Her real name is Aislinn Murray, a beautiful girl found dead in her living room next to a table already set for a romantic dinner for two. There’s nothing really unusual about the case, most likely it was a lover’s quarrel. But the fact that Antoinette knows she’s seen the victim somewhere before opens up a whole new path to the killer.

As they move forward to find out who killed Aislinn, the more complex a person she becomes. Suspicion, of course, falls on the man that she was about to have dinner with on the night of her death. Antoinette, however, is convinced that a crooked detective is somehow involved. Money, bribery, crooked cops, and members of the Murder Squad who will do anything to see Antoinette gone from the crew all play a role in this incredible suspense. And with everyone either angry, yelling, or on the verge of a meltdown, the suspects continue to grow with every page. This is one thriller that will keep you guessing for a good, long time.

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