“The Semi-Sweet Hereafter” by Colette London


By Colette London

The third in The Chocolate Whisperer Mystery series is absolutely fascinating and readers will be guessing until the very end to find out exactly ‘whodunit.’

Main character, Hayden Mundy Moore, is the Chocolate Whisperer who knows everything there is to know about the world’s most delectable delights. This time out she is headed off to London to work with Phoebe Wright at her chocolaterie-patisserie, Primrose. She will be staying in Phoebe’s guesthouse and also meeting Jeromy Sebastian Wright, Phoebe’s husband, who’s a world-renowned chef.

Hayden does meet the fine cook; however, she meets “up” with him while he’s lying on the floor in the guesthouse with his head bashed in. Detective Mishra is asked to take charge of the investigation and thinks Hayden is the perpetrator. Danny Jamieson, who is Hayden’s friend and security expert, has traveled to London to be with her and is staying in the guesthouse even though they’re both more than uncomfortable considering the victim lost his life there.

As everyone tries like heck to prove Hayden’s innocence and find the real killer, a perpetrator lurks right in the middle of the townhouses and pubs. Along with her friends, the Chocolate Whisperer will have to uncover who, exactly, clobbered the famous cook or her career and her life is liable to end far sooner than she wants it to.

Complete enjoyment is what this mystery provides. Readers of cozies and those who thrive on great mysteries that lead to the killer being revealed by a colorful, unforgettable cast will absolutely love this series.

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