“The Black Cat Knocks on Wood” by Kay Finch


By Kay Finch

All feline friendly people are going to fall in love with this book as Sabrina Tate and her black cat, Hitchcock, get ready to solve yet another case. This is the second Bad Luck Cat mystery, and this amateur pair of detectives—female and feline—are so much fun.

We begin in Lavender, Texas where Sabrina lives. She is undeniably a cat person and seems to spend a great deal of her time correcting people on the fact that, even though Hitchcock is a black cat, he is obviously not bad luck. In fact, Sabrina attests that he is her lucky charm.

The owner of a local antique store, Twila, is convinced Hitchcock is Sabrina’s familiar: (AKA: witch’s companion). Of course, Sabrina thinks the woman is crazy. But…is she? In addition, Sabrina has an Aunt Rowe who she constantly has to watch out for. Rowe has a way of always falling into something dangerous or making rash decisions that shouldn’t be made.

This time around, Aunt Rowe and her friends are planning to take part in the Texas Hill Country Senior Pro Rodeo, even though they haven’t any skills to be in a rodeo whatsoever. One of Aunt Rowe’s friends, Pearl, asks Sabrina to borrow Hitchcock as she wants to bring bad luck to a local businesswoman. Sabrina offers a resounding, “no.” Yet a case springs wide open when the business owner is later found dead and a black cat was reportedly seen in her office.

Hitchcock is being blamed. Did someone steal Hitchcock and put him in the wrong place at the wrong time? No matter what the case may be, killing is in the air and Sabrina and Hitchcock won’t rest until they find out who in Lavender is to blame.

Finch has, yet again, offered a great tale of female and feline that cozy readers will love!

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