Review “Easter Bonnet Murder” by Leslie Meier

“Easter Bonnet Murder” by Leslie Meier

Spring is finally springing in Tinker’s Cove, Maine, and many of the residents are looking forward to celebrating the upcoming Easter holiday. But Lucy Stone, sometime amateur sleuth, and part-time reporter for the local paper, The Pennysaver, is more concerned with the serious health condition of one of her dearest—and oldest, in every sense of the word—friends, retired town librarian known to all as Miss Tilley. The elderly woman is currently residing at Heritage House, a local, expensive residence for seniors, recovering slowly from a serious bout of pneumonia. The illness may have taken a serious toll on Miss Tilley’s body, but the always feisty octogenarian’s mind is still as sharp as the proverbial tack.

Lucy checks on Miss Tilley often, so when her editor tells her to cover the annual Easter bonnet competition among the Heritage House residents, she’s happy to accept the assignment. As a frequent visitor to the senior residence, Lucy has a unique opportunity to observe the interactions among its residents and is surprised by the strict hierarchy of friendships that exist there. The “popular girls” are the trio of Bev, Dorothy and Bitsy, each of whom is determined to unseat last year’s Easter bonnet contest winner, retired foreign correspondent and avid birdwatcher Agnes Neal.

Agnes keeps to herself most of the time, preferring her own company or that of her daughter, Geri, to anyone at Heritage House. Geri is alarmed when Agnes fails to meet her for a planned lunch and discovers that the last time anyone saw her mother, she was going birdwatching earlier that day. The staff at Heritage House dismiss Geri’s concerns, suggesting Agnes could have decided to take a sudden trip and forgotten to tell her daughter. Geri doesn’t believe it and, suspecting foul play, reaches out to Lucy for help.

“Easter Bonnet Murder” is a page-turner of a cozy that keeps readers entertained until the very end. Highly recommended.

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