Interview with James Patterson

interview with James Patterson



interview with James Patterson

Interview with James Patterson

YES! We got #1 Bestselling Author James Patterson on the show! This is the second time James as appeared on Suspense Radio, but this is the first time in years. He came on to talk about his latest book with President Clinton, “The President’s Daughter.”

There is so much you could say about James, I think it’s probably better to just hit his website, He is releasing over ten books this year alone, so he’s like his own book of the month club.

Here is a sneak peek inside “The President’s Daughter”: All Presidents have nightmares. This one is about to come true.

A rocket ride of a thriller—the #1 New York Times bestselling blockbuster by President Bill Clinton and James Patterson, “the dream team” (Lee Child).

Every detail is accurate—
because one of the authors is President Bill Clinton.

The drama and action never stop—
because the other author is James Patterson.

Matthew Keating, a one-time Navy SEAL—and a past president—has always defended his family as staunchly as he has his country. Now those defenses are under attack.

A madman abducts Keating’s teenage daughter, Melanie—turning every parent’s deepest fear into a matter of national security. As the world watches in real time, Keating embarks on a one-man special-ops mission that tests his strengths: as a leader, a warrior, and a father.

The authors’ first collaboration, The President Is Missing, a #1 New York Times bestseller and the #1 bestselling novel of 2018, was praised as “ambitious and wildly readable” (New York Times Book Review) and “a fabulously entertaining thriller” (Pulitzer Prize–winning author Ron Chernow).

Interview with James Patterson.

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