Review: THE SOLACE OF BAY LEAVES By Leslie Budewitz

Review: THE SOLACE OF BAY LEAVES By Leslie Budewitz

Seattle native Pepper Reece is proud to be the owner of the Spice Shop in Pike Place Market and is planning her store’s anniversary celebration when she gets the news that one of her schoolmates, Maddie Petrosian, has been shot and gravely wounded. As the unconscious Maddie clings to life, the police make a shocking discovery. Maddie was shot with the same gun that was used in the unsolved murder three years ago of Pat Halloran, an Assistant U.S. Attorney who was also the husband of one of Pepper’s best friends, Laurel. The Seattle police are taking the attempt on Maddie’s life very seriously, placing a police guard outside her hospital door and asking the FBI for assistance.

At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be a solid connection between Maddie Petrosian and Pat Halloran. Pepper feels a sense of responsibility toward Maddie, even though the two were never close friends in school and have rarely interacted as adults, but she feels awkward about involving herself in an official, high-profile investigation. Despite her best intentions, however, she can’t help herself when her friend Laurel asks for her help, revealing something that she hasn’t shared with the police—the night her husband was murdered, Pat had begged off coaching their son Gabe’s soccer match for the first time ever, saying he was too busy. Laurel has wondered for years what her husband had to do that was so important he’d cancel a ritual that meant so much to their son. To make matters even stranger, both Laurel and Gabe have recently dreamed about Pat and see his murder taking place. Sadly, neither of them are able to identify the shadowy figure who is the killer. Laurel begs Pepper to find the connection between the two crimes and solve Pat’s murder.

Leslie Budewitz has written an absorbing page-turner that mystery fans will love. I did!

Review: THE SOLACE OF BAY LEAVES By Leslie Budewitz

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