Review: NINE By Rachelle Dekker

nine rachelle dekker

nine rachelle dekker

Review: NINE By Rachelle Dekker

It takes a really special book to truly sweep me off my feet; to truly transport me out of the world I live in and into the world the author creates. Rachelle Dekker’s “Nine” did that for me. I was literally sucked into these pages, so much so that it only took me two days to read the whole book from start to finish. It’s one of the best books that I have read in a while.

The book focuses on three main characters: Zoe, Agent Seeley, and Lucy. After escaping from her tragic past, all Zoe wants to do is start life over, forget everything that happened then and focus on the now. But that all changes when Lucy walks into the diner where she works. Lucy has no memories, and the innocence leaking off her makes Zoe want to help her.

And Lucy needs a lot of help. Agent Seeley works for the Grantham Project where Lucy was experimented on. Doctor Olivia, who used to work for them, wiped Lucy’s memories, and now Seeley has been tasked with bringing her back to the project. Zoe and Lucy must run for their lives as government agents hunt them down, all while Lucy tries to recover her memories so she can remember what she knows, why she is important, and how she can burn the Grantham Project down before it gets too out of hand.

This book is stunning. Dekker shaped all of the characters so they felt real in the midst of their strange lives and circumstances. I loved every page. To anyone looking for a book that will truly sweep them away, “Nine” couldn’t be a better option.

Review: NINE by Rachelle Dekker.

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