Review CROWNED A TRAITOR By Kate Callaghan

Review CROWNED A TRAITOR By Kate Callaghan

Review CROWNED A TRAITOR By Kate Callaghan

I’ve always loved stories that star monsters, especially when those monsters are brought down to earth. When this story started in a monster pizza joint, I knew instantly that I was going to love it. Kate Callaghan’s novel, “Crowned a Traitor,” was a good read that left me wanting more.

Klara does not want to be the next ruler of Hell. That’s a little hard to avoid, however, when your father is Lucifer. She’s been training her whole life for the one day when she will rule Hell, but she would much rather someone else take the responsibility. She’d rather be kind to others than torture them. When that isn’t an option in her father’s mind, Klara knows there’s only one thing to do—escape.

Klara wants to go to Kalos, far away from her current home and her unwanted responsibility. But, trying to run away will instantly make her a traitor in her father’s eyes. Still, Klara sees no other way to escape her horrible life; if becoming a traitor is what it takes, then she’s willing to take the risk.

The journey to Kalos proves far more treacherous than she expected. Her homeland is already full of dangerous monsters, and Lucifer is not going to let her escape that easily. Fleeing to Kalos proves to push her to the very limit, but this tough heroine isn’t going to be placed in her own personal hell that easily.

Chock-full of monsters and demons from all kinds of lore, this book is a good read for all those who love dark fantasy and strong female leads. A very good read!

Review CROWNED A TRAITOR By Kate Callaghan

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