Review “THE SUNDAY GIRL” By Pip Drysdale

Review "THE SUNDAY GIRL" By Pip Drysdale

Review “THE SUNDAY GIRL” By Pip Drysdale

When Taylor’s ex-boyfriend puts an embarrassing sex tape of her on the internet, all she wants is revenge. Unfortunately, she also still wants him. Angus is a cheating, lying, self-centered narcissist who finds ways to blame Taylor for everything that goes wrong in her life—including the uploaded footage. Every time she tries to leave, he works his way back into her life with flowers and promises. And she lets him.

But she still wants revenge.

After reading a book called “The Art of War,” she puts her plan in place to ruin his life and help her escape. Before long, she’s got him in trouble with his job, his building, and his friends. What Taylor doesn’t know is that Angus is one step ahead of each of her carefully crafted nuisances and the tables are turned. With her own job on the line, she wonders if she’s gone too far. But the domino effect is impossible to stop as it all comes crashing down—literally. Now, Taylor has to be careful as the cops question her, and she has to remember which lies were told to which people.

A fascinating and addicting read into the psyche of a woman who’s in love with the idea of love and can’t see past the manipulation.

Review “THE SUNDAY GIRL” By Pip Drysdale

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