Review “MURDER TAKE TWO” By Carol J. Perry

Review “MURDER TAKE TWO” By Carol J. Perry

The city of Salem, Massachusetts is famous for its seventeenth century witchcraft trials, and is also the setting for the popular mystery series penned by Carol J. Perry. Each book has a touch of the supernatural included in its plot, and the newest one, “Murder Take Two,” is no exception.

The chief character in the series is Lee Barrett, a field reporter for WICH-TV, which means she gets to cover events all over the city as they are actually happening. Lee’s boyfriend, Pete Mondello, is a detective on the Salem police force, and she shares her home with her research librarian aunt, Ibby, and a large orange gentleman cat, O’Ryan. Lee is also a scryer—a person who has the ability to see things in reflective surfaces that other people can’t. Many of these visions, which happen without Lee’s control, are violent and can be a clue to solve a crime.

In “Murder Take Two,” a revered local professor at Essex County University, Sam Boyd, is found brutally murdered in his bedroom. What’s particularly unusual about this crime is that its method replicates the murder of wealthy Captain Joseph White that happened over two centuries ago. A young assistant professor, Cody McGinnis, is arrested for the murder. Cody had a motive to kill the professor—he had recently been denied a tenured position because of Boyd. Cody’s two uncles, retired policemen and good friends of Lee’s, are convinced Cody is innocent, and enlist Lee, Aunt Ibby, and two of Ibby’s best friends to help them prove it.

One of the many things I enjoy about this series is how the author frequently bases a plot on an actual historical event. In this case, the Captain White murder. “Murder Take Two,” is both a page-turning mystery and a fascinating history lesson. I loved it!

Review “MURDER TAKE TWO” By Carol J. Perry

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