Review “EASTER HAIR HUNT” By Nancy Cohen

Review “EASTER HAIR HUNT” By Nancy Cohen

Hairstylist extraordinaire Marla Vail always goes out of her way to help her clients, no matter how inconvenient their requests may be. So when Bonnie “Blinky” Morris asks Marla to come to an Easter egg hunt at Tremayne Manor to style her hair after she finishes playing the Easter bunny for the children, Marla readily agrees. No way does Blinky want a hair (hare?) out of place for the fancy luncheon that follows.

Blinky is late returning to meet Marla at the end of the hunt, which is odd because Blinky is never late for anything. But Marla’s a patient person and realizes Blinky must be hiding somewhere close by and changing from her costume into street clothes so the children won’t figure out it was her. When the owner of Tremayne Manor, Lacey, enlists Marla’s help to gather up any eggs the children hadn’t found, Marla is happy to help, figuring she can gather leftover eggs and catch up to Blinky at the same time. She’s shocked to find the missing Easter bunny, still in full costume, lying face down on the ground. Frantic to save her friend, she immediately calls 911. When the police arrive and remove the costume, instead of Blinky they find the dead body of Paolo, the estate’s head gardener. Next to his body is a priceless Faberge egg from the estate’s private collection. Where is Blinky and how in the world did the gardener end up dead in her costume?

Unlike other amateur sleuths, Marla has an inside track with the local police department—she’s married to Detective Dalton Vail. And he values her uncanny ability to figure out clues the authorities often miss. With no shortage of suspects, Blinky still missing, and a blessed event looming, Marla really has her work cut out in this one. “Easter Hair Hunt” is the sixteenth in Nancy Cohen’s Bad Hair Day mystery series. Cozy fans will love it. I did.

Review “EASTER HAIR HUNT” By Nancy Cohen

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