Review “THE LOOK-ALIKE” By Erica Spindler

Review "THE LOOK-ALIKE" By Erica Spindler

Review “THE LOOK-ALIKE” By Erica Spindler

Erica Spindler triggers some of our primal fears and rips the rug right out from underneath us with an unexpected final reveal in “The Look-Alike.”

Sienna Scott returns to her childhood home to confront her past, just in time to stumble upon the dead body of a young woman, leading her to believe she might have been the killer’s target. And now Sienna must investigate who is behind this gruesome crime before they strike again.

But is the perpetrator really after our protagonist, or is it the paranoid delusions that have long haunted her? And who could have killed beautiful brown-haired Madison Robie, stabbing her eighteen times?

While racing through the pages of “The Look-Alike,” I was stunned by Spindler’s writing and storytelling. The way she combines the suspense, atmosphere, characters and their emotions is incredibly appealing and will also leave you chilled to the bone.

The descriptions are raw and the characters are well-crafted. The plotline succeeds to capture the magic of Spindler’s previous novels. With that being said, this certainly is a gripping novel that will keep psychological thriller addicts entertained from beginning to end.

Review “THE LOOK-ALIKE” By Erica Spindler

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