Review “THE GIRLS WEEKEND” By Jody Gehrman

Review "THE GIRLS WEEKEND" By Jody Gehrman

Review "THE GIRLS WEEKEND" By Jody Gehrman

Review “THE GIRLS WEEKEND” By Jody Gehrman.

June Moody and Sadie MacTavish have always been the best of frenemies. Self-named ‘The Fearless Five,’ June, Sadie, Em, Kimiko and Amy have known each other since college. But life has caused them to drift apart and June is somewhat grateful for the distance. It’s hard enough to see Sadie’s perfect life through the lens of social media. After all, she has the career and family that June always believed should have, and could have, been hers.

After years of silence, Sadie sends a message to the girls inviting them to spend the weekend in her home to celebrate Amy who is expecting. Against her better judgment, June agrees to attend. However as soon as she arrives, she can hardly stomach the thought of facing Sadie and Ethan, Sadie’s husband, and June’s “one that got away.”

The weekend starts off tense, but manageable. Activities fill the days and alcohol fills the nights. All is fine until the girls wake up to find Sadie is missing. The only clues as to what may have happened are a blood-stained staircase and a cell phone on the floor. To make matters worse, no one has any memory of the night before after they started drinking, and it is beginning to look more like one of them is responsible for whatever happened to Sadie by the minute.

As they try to piece together any semblance of what might have happened, it becomes clear that everyone had their own motive for wanting Sadie gone, even the people living in her own home. She not only had a strained marriage, but also a rocky relationship with her teenage daughter, Dakota.

June quickly begins to look like the most likely suspect and all the girls begin to question each other’s involvement, as well as their own. Their relationships begin to unravel when, more than anything, they need to be stronger than ever.

Captivating and exhilarating, “The Girls Weekend” will take you for a wild ride, one that you won’t want to get off of.

Review “THE GIRLS WEEKEND” By Jody Gehrman.

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