Review “DERAILED” By Mary Keliikoa

Review “DERAILED” By Mary Keliikoa

“Derailed” follows private investigator Kelly Pruett as she looks into the shocking death of Brooke Hanson, who was pushed in front of a moving train.

The cops think the case is a slam-dunk, Brooke was drunk and she fell. Her mother Georgette doesn’t believe it and hires Kelly to look into the circumstances surrounding what she calls a murder.

At first, Kelly gets the same information the cops had. Brooke was drunk, she was escorted out, and no one ever saw her again. But as Kelly’s questions ruffle feathers, others come out of the woodwork with information. She discovers that not only did Brooke lie to her parents about what she actually did for a living, but also about where she lived. When someone connected to Brooke also ends up dead, Kelly follows the clues, digging into Brooke’s sordid lifestyle, and everyone becomes a suspect. And Kelly gets more than she bargains for when she discovers Brooke’s sister’s true identity.

As it becomes clearer that Brooke was indeed murdered, Kelly’s own life is put in danger. Someone knows she knows, and that someone wants to shut her up, too.

This ride was more twisty than a tornado! I had it figured out on page 50. And page 100. And page 150, and so on. You’ll constantly be convinced you’ve figured it out until the final twist reminds you that you’re no PI—leave that to Kelly Pruett. The first in a series involving the sassy and smart PI leaves me anxiously awaiting the next. A fantastic debut from Mary Keliikoa!

Review “DERAILED” By Mary Keliikoa

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