Review “Rigged” by D. P. Lyle

Review Rigged by D. P. Lyle

Review Rigged by D. P. Lyle

Review “RIGGED” By D. P. Lyle

Jake Longly is back in this fourth installment of the bestselling series, and author D. P. Lyle has once again written a plot that keeps Longly fans and all thriller readers on the edge of their seats.

Tommy “Pancake” Jeffers is like most people in the world. He had a first-love back in his day, 6th grade to be exact, and has never forgotten sharing his first kiss with her all those years ago. Also like most people in this world, Pancake never really assumed that he’d see Emily, his childhood sweetheart, after they’d grown up.

Now, however, Emily is headed for a divorce. Living in the “artsy” town of Fairhope, Alabama, she’s in the midst of leaving her husband and embarking on a new future. Longly Investigations is charged with researching all the financial aspects of the couple that will be involved.

A dark cloud of worry forms, however, when Emily doesn’t appear for the meeting that was set up with Longly. Things go from nervous to nightmarish when her body, along with the body of Jason—one of the two men she’s been dating—are found murdered. They have been executed, and Pancake immediately calls in Jake, Nicole and Ray for help.

Pancake is determined to find justice for the woman who once stole his heart when they were only kids, but as the investigation moves forward more suspects and motives seem to come out of the woodwork. From a man who will soon be Emily’s ex who just happens to have an alibi that would stand up in any court; to a boyfriend who could very well have been jealous over Emily dating him and Jason at the same time and wanted to get revenge—the possibilities of why she was killed quickly add up.

It’s the truth that readers will love to sink their teeth into this one. The plot is fantastic, the action is fast, and Pancake steals the heart.

Review “RIGGED” By D. P. Lyle

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