Interview with Shannon Kirk

interview with shannon kirk

interview with shannon kirk


Shannon burst onto the scene with the dark novel “Method 15/33.” This book was critically acclaimed and sold in several countries. Well Shannon is back with the sequel to that book “Viebury Grove.”

Shannon Kirk is a practicing attorney and former law professor in Massachusetts, where she lives with her husband, a physicist and ultra-marathoner, and son, a cat-loving, basketball-player. Shannon is a multiple-award winning author of Method 15/33, which is optioned for film and an international best seller, Viebury Grove, Gretchen, In the Vines, and The Extraordinary Journey of Vivienne Marshall.

“Viebury Grove”: Recent headlines focusing on the famous and infamous—CEO’s, royalty, politicians—being accused of taking part in decades’ long human trafficking, lend to this novel’s fictionalized focus on a small, but powerful, global human trafficking cabal referred to as The Center Ring, which sells “sexual experiences.”
It is the Center Ring that Lisa Yyland has been planning to take down for eighteen years; planning every day since her release from confinement, as she discovered the group was, indeed, connected to her kidnapping at age sixteen. What does eighteen years of planning and collecting assets to catch these horrific people in the act look like? Will her plan work? Will she get revenge? Law enforcements’ good intentions, due process, and procedures seem to fail when put up against the powerful elite in these age-old sick enterprises. Does Lisa’s brand of vigilante justice stand a better chance? To find out more information about Shannon’s work, check out her website

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