Review “The Other People” by C.J. Tudor

the other people c.j. tudor

the other people c.j. tudor

Review “THE OTHER PEOPLE” By C. J. Tudor

“The Other People” is an intriguing thriller with chilling nuances of the supernatural.

C.J. Tudor, with her new title, thoroughly delves into the lives of three people whose dark stories are elusively intertwined.

Driving home one night, Gabe sees a little girl’s face appear in the rear mirror of a rusty old car. Gabe knows without a doubt that it’s his five-year-old daughter, and he’ll never see her again. The book continues with a slow build-up, maintaining a creepy atmosphere throughout, as it alternates between Gabe, who’s searching for his missing daughter, and a woman and her child on the run. How are these people connected?

Readers will undoubtedly be drawn to Alice’s compelling character. She has a fear of mirrors and every time she looks into one, strange and otherworldly things start to happen.

“The Other People” keeps us thoroughly engaged; it leaves us guessing until the final page and concludes with twisty, unexpected revelations. This family-driven thriller will most certainly appeal to all admirers of supernatural suspense. C. J. Tudor really does excel at writing compelling passages that chill.

Review “The Other People” by C.J. Tudor

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