Review “After She Wrote Him” by Sulari Gentill

review after she wrote him sulari gentill

review after she wrote sulari gentill

Review “AFTER SHE WROTE HIM” By Sulari Gentill

The first thing that needs to be said about this book is that it’s truly unusual, unique, and every thriller lover should make the time to read this.

Madeleine d’Leon has a man in her life…sort of. Edward is actually a character in her next book. But the more she writes, the more he becomes the center of her world. In fact, he is all she can think about. A lot of her time is spent imagining him sitting at a desk where he pens his own novel.

Edward McGinnity is a man who can’t get the name or the figure of a woman named Madeleine out of his mind. That’s fine, considering she is the new heroine who will appear in his next book.

You guessed it. The biggest mystery of all for the reader is trying to decide who the real writer is and who, in fact, is the fictional character. This is not as easy as it sounds, by the way. The author does such an amazing job putting these intricate stories on paper and then intertwining them that most pages read as if the two characters are most definitely in the same room having a very real conversation together.

Wild, inventive, this book not only puts the characters together “verbally,” but also shows the passion between them and leads you to a very “physical” place. Do not let the strength of this book make you shy away; nor, let the reviews confuse you to the point where you don’t want to read it. “After She Wrote Him” is one that you’ll remember for a good, long time to come and definitely deserves all your attention.

Review “After She Wrote Him” by Sulari Gentill

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