Review “Genesis” Layton Green

review genesis layton green

review genesis layton green

Review “GENESIS” By Layton Green

Treasure hunts are always a blast to read—from the daring adventure, the far-too real danger, and the inevitable prize at the end. It’s always a type of story that leaves me wishing that my life was more exciting. But I would have never thought a treasure hunt that focuses on quantum mechanics would have been as thrilling as “Genesis” by Layton Green.

The story follows Andie, whose mother left her when she was very young. Andie has coped with the loss with help from her college professor, mentor, and friend, Dr. Corwin. So, she is terribly devastated when she hears that Dr. Corwin was found dead in Italy after one of his tours. However, soon after the news, Andie receives a note from Dr. Corwin that he must have sent to her right before he died. It’s the first clue in a hunt that Andie is not prepared for, with the dire warning written that Andie is not to trust anyone. Andie tries to take that to heart, but as her adventure gets more out of hand, with people tracking her down, she and an ex-reporter named Cal team up to find what Dr. Corwin hid before he disappeared.

But what are they hunting for? Andie has the impression that Dr. Corwin was onto something big in his research, something that could change the way everyone perceives reality. More terrifyingly, Andie thinks she has seen this new reality before, during her random, but sudden, headaches she has suffered from ever since she was young. Andie and Cal are determined to find this device before an evil organization does, which will take all the wit and strength they have.

Told from multiple points of view, this story really came to life for me. The protagonists fought for what they knew was right, and scarily enough, so did the villains, thinking they were also in the right. I will definitely be reading the sequel when it comes out.

Review “Genesis” by Layton Green

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