Review “The Rabbit Hunter” by Lars Kepler

the rabbit hunter lars kepler

the rabbit hunter lars kepler

Review “THE RABBIT HUNTER” By Lars Kepler

Joona Linna is back! And this, Book #6 in the international best-selling series, still shows that this amazing “husband and wife team” of writers has not slowed down one bit.

Beginning with “The Hypnotist,” these stories have remained incredible. The team’s winning formula of writing short chapters, and providing colorful and intelligent dialogue with action-packed scenes, continues to make the plotlines even more intense and enjoyable. Even the shocking “final page” wrap-up that Lars Kepler always provides is awesome in this one, and you will not believe what the twists and turns are until you dive into the pages.

At Kumla prison Detective Joona Linna is finishing out a sentence he received for assaulting an officer in the course of his last investigation. Out of the blue he’s ordered into a meeting with the Swedish Prime Minister. A brutal murder has occurred, turning the Foreign Minister into a mangled corpse. The Prime Minister is not the only one worried that other political figures could be next.

Linna is needed to uncover the plot, locate the killer and neutralize the threat that may bring down a great many people. Granted temporary release from the prison in order to do his job should be a good thing. Unfortunately, when another murder occurs quite quickly, Linna begins to see that this plot and the people behind it are more organized and violent than anyone had first thought. Working against the clock, watching the bodies fall, Linna calls for Saga Bauer’s help. And when Linna and this young Security Police detective go to work, a killer’s plan for revenge begins to reveal itself.

Jumping from “The Sandman” to this would be a chore for many writers, considering the plots are so compelling that it should take a long time to come up with them. But, yet again, Kepler’s behind another that must be seen on the big screen.

Review “The Rabbit Hunter” by Lars Kepler

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