Review “The Haunting” by Lindsey Duga

the haunting lindsey duga

the haunting lindsey duga

Review “THE HAUNTING” By Lindsey Duga

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a good old ghost story, especially one set back in time. Lindsey Duga’s book, “The Haunting,” brought a ghost story to life for me in an old house where something sinister is lurking.

Emily knows that adoption is out of the picture for her when she’s competing with beautiful, blue-eyed, blonde girls of much younger ages around her at Evanshire’s Home for Neglected Girls. But all that changes when the Thornton’s, a rich couple, come and choose Emily from amongst all the girls. Emily can’t believe her luck. She and her beloved dog, Archie, are whisked away to Blackthorn Manor, where she expects to be loved and become the child of a family she had only dreamed of before.

But something weird is going on in Blackthorn Manor. Emily sees shadows crawling around the walls. Things seem to fall apart all around her, trashing the home that she knows she’s supposed to care for. And an odd girl who seems to know the manor better than anyone keeps showing up, trying to befriend her. Emily knows the Thornton’s are hiding something from her, and as more bad things start happening at the manor, Emily knows she needs to find out quick, before whatever is haunting the manor banishes Emily out of the home.

Good, creepy ghosts that wreak havoc have always been a favorite of mine. And the ghost (because yes, it’s totally a ghost) that Duga shows us at the end is scary and satisfying at the same time. If you love a good, kid-friendly ghost story, this book is definitely for you.

Review “The Haunting” by Lindsey Duga

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