Review “The Pearl Dagger” by L.A. Chandlar

review the pearl dagger L.A. Chandler

review the pearl dagger L.A. Chandler

Review “THE PEARL DAGGER” By L.A. Chandlar  (Won the 2019 Crimson Scribe Award from Suspense Magazine)

I am one in a million of fans when it comes to the cool Art Deco Mysteries that Chandlar writes. Yes, this is the third. And although it sounds familiar, I have to say that these just keep getting better.

For anyone who loves historical mysteries, in this third installment of the series you will head back into New York City during the time of the Great Depression. You will learn of Mayor La Guardia’s “special team” and be given more information about the Red Scroll Network.

Lane Sanders is an employee of Mayor Fiorello (AKA: Fio) and she has already shown herself to be talented, spirited, a quick thinker, and a fun all-round character. Recently, she and her boss have been able to keep some truly rich conspiracies happening in The Big Apple under wraps. Unfortunately, after a murder takes place using a pinball racket, Lane and the Mayor must face a brand new leader who stands up and begins a new awakening of an “oldie-but-goodie” crime network.

This network will not only be plowing through America, however; this new voice will bring violence and destruction throughout Europe…unless someone can stop him.

Lane heads to London in order to begin. Problems arise there, of course, because she is stepping back on to the soil where her own parents lost their lives while working undercover. With her will be an ally named Finn Brodie, who also wants to squash the nightmares he has from his own horrific past overseas.

Readers will be locked in a plot that brings “Macbeth” to mind, and a stunning pearl dagger will be the ultimate clue to finding and stopping a syndicate that is bound to achieve evil glory. Once again, Lane is awesome. As the books move forward it is interesting to see more and learn more about this fantastic woman. And I can’t wait to see what number four has in store.

Review “The Pearl Dagger” by L.A. Chandlar

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