Review “Ghoster” by Jason Arnopp

review ghoster jason arnopp

review ghoster jason arnopp

Review “GHOSTER” By Jason Arnopp

People will already know Jason Arnopp from his huge hit “The Last Days of Jack Sparks”. Here, however, he comes back with a thriller that is perhaps even more engaging because it is so realistic. This is set in our own social-media obsessed era that delves into the evils of online dating, odd social media posts, etc., that occur on a daily basis.

The main character, Kate Collins, is a woman who you automatically want to follow. Working as a paramedic in Leeds, she is getting ready to relocate to Brighton and move in with Scott, the man she loves. What follows, however, scares her to death. When she arrives, not only is the apartment completely empty but Scott has disappeared as well. The only thing left that she can find is his cell phone.

Needing to know more, she begins searching the phone – from social media to texts, etc.—in order to find out what is going on. But then…the strangest things in the world begin happening to her. Phone calls arrive where whispers can be heard. Her walls are marred with strange scratches, yet she doesn’t know from what or whom they came from. Her biggest fear is the fact that no matter how she tries to stay in “reality,” she begins to know for certain that someone is watching her from afar.

What happened to Scott? Kate soon finds out that Scott may not be a victim of anything. In fact, he may just be a man she knows nothing about. And what is about to be revealed to her may just cause her own tragic demise.

Fantastically written. Just as “Jaws” made you not want to go into the water again; “Ghoster” makes you not want to pick up the phone ever again.

Review “Ghoster” by Jason Arnopp

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