Review “The Victim” by Max Manning

review the victim by max manning

review the victim by max manning

Review “THE VICTIM” By Max Manning

This is one of those books, much like a certain football team, where some will love and praise it, while others will be left confused. I am of the former group. In fact, the uniqueness of the writing was what I saw as being the most fun aspect of this read. Cleverness is used by the author when he tells his tale from the point of view where: If I had done this…would my life have ended up like that?

We meet Gem Golding. Gem is having a horrible evening. A carjacker ends up in her world as she’s attacked on her way home from work. She experiences “that” moment that none of us ever want to face—where she must make a decision that will alter her life forever. This criminal has a purely treacherous mind; evil and destruction is a goal of his and Gem is the choice he has made this night. The book proceeds to tell the reader what Gem’s life and future will be when she fights for herself against this villain; and what it will be like if she surrenders to him and just prays he won’t end her life, just hurt her.

This is a pure cause-and-effect machination that, although some writers have tried it before, ends up being entertaining, thrilling and dark. You feel for Gem, and come out wondering what exactly you would do when faced with pure evil.

I have to herald Max Manning for putting together an ingenious plot, allowing me to dive into a psychological thriller that I really enjoyed.

Review “The Victim” by Max Manning

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