Review “The Lying Room” by Nicci French

review by nicci french

review by nicci french

Review “THE LYING ROOM” By Nicci French

Wife. Mother. Friend. Dependable employee. Neve Connolly is all of these things. But she’s also a woman bored with her life.

Neve had never been unfaithful to Fletcher, her husband of twenty years. But the attention given to her by her handsome boss, Saul, lured her in. The affair had been Neve’s escape from the humdrum that had enveloped her. She once again felt like a young and sexy woman, devoured by a passion she hadn’t experienced in a long time.

The text from Saul comes in the early morning, as her family eats breakfast—the beginning of a regular day. Come as soon as you can.

But two hours later, instead of kissing her lover inside the door of his apartment, she finds herself tiptoeing around his lifeless body, cleaning every surface and erasing any trace of the romantic dinner they’d enjoyed the night before.

Neve hopes her involvement with his death will disappear, but details continue to surface one after another, requiring Neve to keep erasing her clandestine footprints in Saul’s life. When Detective Hitching asks difficult questions, Neve must lie about the details of her relationship with Saul, and her falsehoods tangle into a knot of deceit that she hopes won’t trip her up.

Neve’s teen daughter, Mabel, has been hard to deal with the last few years. She’s both reckless and distant. When Mabel tells her she knows about the affair, Neve realizes that Mabel might be involved in Saul’s death. Neve will do anything to protect her daughter, even sacrifice herself.

As the investigation continues, what Neve discovers about her daughter, her husband, and her friends shocks her. She wishes for nothing more than the boredom of her old life before Saul. And will she be able to escape a killer still on the loose?

Author Nicci French entertains readers with a chilling reminder that a lie is like a snowball rolling down-hill. With each new layer, it gains momentum that we might not be able to stop.

Review “The Lying Room” by Nicci French

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