Review “Imaginary Friend” by Stephen Chbosky

review by stephen chbosky

Review “IMAGINARY FRIEND” By Stephen Chbosky

There are difficulties in life, as we all know. But one of the biggest was to read the amazing “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” and then having to wait for this author’s next release. But, I have to tell you, the wait was completely worth it!

This is the tale of Christopher. He is seven years of age; he is in a new town and a new school; and he has his very own imaginary friend.

Kate Reese is Christopher’s mom. She is a single mother who had to hit the highway in the middle of the night in order to run away from a dangerous, abusive relationship and find a new location where she could improve life for her and her son. What she finds is a small town in Pennsylvania named Mill Grove. This is one of those communities where everyone knows everyone else, and it’s a town that would be overlooked by anyone who may perhaps be chasing Kate down. Like the unforgettable location of “The Bates Motel,” there is only one road in and one road out of Mill Grove, so it certainly seems high up on the safety meter.

Then…the worst happens. Christopher disappears, only to walk out of the woods at the edge of town six days later. He is unharmed, but the voice in his head of his new imaginary friend is a voice only he is privy to. The voice gives him a goal: Christopher must build a tree house in the woods by the time Christmas comes around, or his mother and the rest of the townspeople will “never be the same again.”

There are so many spoilers that could be revealed by mistake, that I will stop here. Just know that this is a fight between good and evil that you have not seen the likes of before.

Review “Imaginary Friend” by Stephen Chbosky

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