Review “What Rose Forgot” by Nevada Barr

Review “WHAT ROSE FORGOT” by Nevada Barr

A web is woven by many authors out there who have the ability to take all areas of writing and meld them together perfectly. This tale is one of the best “webs” ever woven. Not only do you have a riveting thriller on your hands, but you also have humor. The dialogue is witty throughout, which offers a perfect reprieve at times from the constant suspense this writer provides.

A woman in her sixties wakes one day with a memory that is more than a bit fuzzy. It feels almost as if she’s been drugged. Her name is Rose Dennis and she’s wearing a hospital gown. She discovers quickly that she’s been placed into the Alzheimer’s Unit of a nursing home. Rose may not remember how she got there, but she certainly knows that Alzheimer’s is not a problem she has ever experienced. It gets even worse when she overhears a conversation inside the home where an administrator states that Rose will not even make it through the week.

Putting a plan together to get out of there before this unknown evil takes her out, Rose falls into an acting role to make those all around her believe that she has Alzheimer’s. She forgoes the medication they give to her, and puts together her escape scenario.

The web is even more tangled because Rose’s family did commit her; the legal papers were signed; and the law sides with the home in regard to Rose’s state of mind. But when a killer appears in the middle of the night, Rose knows for sure that she’s not crazy. Aid comes from her granddaughter, Mel. Mel is talented when it comes to the world of computer hacking, and this unlikely team will jump great hurdles to find a killer and try to uncover why Rose was marked for death in the first place.

You’ll love Mel and Rose’s relationship, and the twists and turns will leave you breathless.

Review “What Rose Forgot” by Nevada Barr

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