Review “The Warehouse” by Rob Hart

review the warehouse by rob hart

Review “THE WAREHOUSE” by Rob Hart

George Orwell’s classic “1984” receives a modern and realistic update with Hart’s latest novel.

In the near future, everyone accesses anything they want online, and most everyone utilizes a company called Cloud to obtain these items, from simple groceries to housewares. This company is so big, that they are responsible for the majority of the workforce. A position at this company involves an extensive interview, and then if selected, a move to a live-work facility where housing is provided. The location of the apartment is close to the section where one will work, and every employee wears a wristband with a chip that accesses everything from your bank account to door locks.

Paxton applies and hopes to receive any job except for security. Of course, he is hired in security. Zinnia applies for a position, but she doesn’t care where she ends up since she’s actually a corporate spy assigned to help destroy Cloud from within. She begins with a job on the warehouse floor, where she is tasked with retrieving items requested from the general public. She finds the exact shelf location, grabs the product, and brings it to a conveyor belt where it heads to shipping. With the exception of a short lunch and two bathroom breaks, this is her 8-hour day. She also needs to keep up with a specific quota to avoid a reprimand. Zinnia’s life is in danger if she reveals what she learns, but she might not live long enough to report to her superiors due to the dangerous circumstances of her job on the warehouse floor.

Hart has crafted a terrifying scenario utilizing what can easily be humanity’s future when relying too much on technology and corporate entities. By focusing on two people newly hired to Cloud, Hart immerses the reader in this company and the city it has created. Of course, it appears too good to be true, and looks are deceiving.

Review “The Warehouse” by Rob Hart

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