Review “The House on Hallowed Ground” by Nancy Cole Silverman

Review “THE HOUSE ON HALLOWED GROUND” by Nancy Cole Silverman

Every time a new mystery series begins, there’s a part of me that wants some literary institution to sound an alarm—letting all readers know that there’s a new “gang” in town not to be missed. Well…consider this a sonic boom announcing the new Misty Dawn Mysteries. And let me tell you, this is one that you definitely do not want to miss.

Right off the bat you’re entertained as you meet Hollywood psychic, Misty Dawn. In her first time out of the gate, Misty moves into a house belonging to Wilson Thorne. Thorne has recently passed away after working as a set designer. As with many spirits, Thorne has not yet left his home for a reason. He seems to be completely unaware of the fact that he’s dead, and when Misty explains the situation and how he might help himself “rest in peace” if he helps her, Thorne is not exactly the happiest of dead people.

Thorne and Misty do form an odd alliance, however, when an actress by the name of Zoey Chamberlain pleads for help. Zoey is in a state because she believes that the home she has just moved into is haunted. When Misty goes to The Pink Mansion, which is a truly historical Hollywood Hills home, she doesn’t run into any kind of evil ghost; what she instead finds is the dead body of Zoey’s best friend.

The murder has taken place here and the police are very quick to believe that Zoey is the culprit. They also don’t believe, even though she’s maintaining her innocence, that some family curse was responsible for murdering the girl.

Misty does not jump to conclusions, and with Wilson Thorne’s help, she works to unveil the secrets of The Pink Mansion that will have readers enthralled. This is the first in a new series that introduces a truly cool team that I look forward to following in the years to come.

Review “The House on Hallowed Ground” by Nancy Cole Silverman

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