Review “City of Scoundrels” by Victoria Thompson

review city of scoundrels by victoria thompson

Review “CITY OF SCOUNDRELS” By Victoria Thompson

Fans will know Thompson from her very popular Gaslight Mystery series. Well, “City of Scoundrels” is now the third book in her Counterfeit Lady series.

Set during World War I, main character Elizabeth Miles finds herself thinking about one thing: When will her fiancé, Gideon, be drafted to fight in the war? Enter Tom Preston, a co-owner of a footwear company that makes the shoes for the Army. Tom married a woman that his family would have a real issue with, so he needs a new will to protect her and her child.

When Tom is killed, Elizabeth and Gideon find out that the family knows about Tom’s new wife. The new will is also missing, raising suspicions on the family, especially Tom’s brother, who will get everything if the new will is not found.

Thompson pens a very clever and intelligent mystery. Fans of her other series will fall in love with the intricate plot and very unique characters. She is clearly on the short list of great mystery writers of today.

Review “City of Scoundrels” by Victoria Thompson

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