Review “All That’s Bright and Gone” by Eliza Nellums

Review “ALL THAT’S BRIGHT AND GONE” by Eliza Nellums

I would have never thought a book starring a small girl and her imaginary friend would sweep me away, but Eliza Nellums “All That’s Bright and Gone” brought me to unashamed tears.

Six-year-old Aoife just wants her mom to come home. But after her mother got confused while driving to the mall, she has to stay at the hospital until she feels better. Luckily Aoife has her best friend, Teddy, a bear that only she can see, and her Uncle Donny who is taking care of her. Aoife really wants Mama to come back before the Fourth of July, because she promised to take Aoife to see the fireworks by the lake.

Aoife thinks she has to solve a mystery that’s been plaguing their family for years if she wants to help Mama. Ever since her older brother Theo died, Mama hasn’t been the same. Aoife has the good inkling her brother was murdered. If she can solve the murder, she just knows her Mama will recover. But Fourth of July is soon, and time is running out; if she ever wants Mama to come home, she’s going to have to solve this mystery, and quick.

Aoife goes on adventures and investigations with Teddy, both trying their best to solve the mystery of her older brother’s murder. But maybe it’s not going to be as easy as Aoife first thought it would be, and danger is not out of the question. Especially when Teddy seems to be hiding a few secrets of his own…

This story tackles hard themes through the innocent eyes of a child, thus making them touching and jaw-dropping. This book is sure to touch the hearts of many people—and hopefully a few bears as well. Highly recommended.

Review “All That’s Bright is Gone” by Eliza Nellums

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