Review “A Time For Murder” by Jon Land

Review “A TIME FOR MURDER” By Jon Land

“A Time for Murder” is, believe it or not, the 50th installment in the beloved Murder, She Wrote book series. Bestselling author Jon Land has been the creator of the last three installments and has brought to the series some truly memorable thriller elements. With “A Time for Murder,” Land explores the start of Jessica’s very first murder as well as her personal life with husband, Frank and nephew, Grady.

In a word, this book is a “Masterpiece.” Land captured the essence of a Murder, She Wrote T.V. episode, and placed it into a book format that fans want, offering much more in regards to Jessica’s own life.

We are taken back to Appleton, Maine, where Jessica was working as a substitute teacher. It was then that the principal of the school was murdered. Jessica and Detective Amos Tupper (yes, that Amos Tupper) come together for the first time to solve the crime.

Jump 25 years into the future and another murder occurs that links back to the Appleton murder. Land puts together an incredibly tangled mystery that has many layers. We call Land a thriller writer but with, “A Time for Murder,” he has put his name on the short list of the top mystery whodunit authors of today.

Run, don’t walk, in order to scoop this one up. The only mystery should be when the next installment is coming out and how long we’ll have to wait for it!

Review “A Time for Murder” by Jon Land

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